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Well I guess this is growing up — LiveJournal
point me
February 2007

Date: 2007-02-15 08:51
Subject: Another thing
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Matt again.
That's her article from the paper, there's a link to the guestbook on that page.
Let other people know about it.
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Date: 2007-02-13 20:10
Subject: Jenny
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This is Matt reporting for Jenny for what will most likely be the last time.
She passed away last night and wanted me to let you all know.
If you have anything to say or would like any information about sending her family cards, etc.
Email me at mvhook@gmail.com and I'll get back to you with whatever you need to know.
This is serious if any of you were wondering.
I know that you were all an important part of her life and I want to thank all of you for that.
She was the greatest person that I've ever met.

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Date: 2007-02-12 09:50
Subject: (no subject)
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I'm totes skipping math class because, I just don't feel like going. I just woke up this morning and said "fuck it". I wish I could've stayed home and slept, but mom is there. So I'm just sitting in the library, whiling away the time. Is it bad that I already can't wait until spring break?
I think I'm going to create a budget for myself. I'd like to set aside a certain amount of money for New York, so I need to stop just taking out cash and spending it on books and DVDs and other random things because, before I know it, I've spent $100. And when one only makes approx. $500 a month, one cannot spen $100 a week and expect to save anything.

I wish I could go home and sleep!! Grah
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Date: 2007-02-12 01:46
Subject: (no subject)
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Music:bikini kill- strawberry julius
I'm not asleep yet, not even in bed, which does not bode well for school tomorrow. Ah well. I'll be okay. If I do happen to be too tired to trust myself behind the wheel, I can have my brother take me, and Matt pick me up or something. But I think I'll be okay.
Today was just an average day; I slept until 2:00 then went to work from 4:00-9:00. Work was alright, kind of busy. But it was just Cindy and me, so I just did my own thing and she did hers and it was fine.
I joined the ICM forums in order to get acquainted with the people who are coming to the Rupert Mini-Convention. So I phutzed around a bit there, etc. Read a bit of fic tonight. Including the greatest fic of all time, the greatest ANYTHING of all time:
Author: svilleficrecs
Rating: NC-17
Pairing, are you read for this? Are you? Mac/Vista Guardian!
Such geeky pr0ny goodness XD I thank dream_wia_dream from the bottom of my heart for reccing this! I may even get Matt to read fic with this story. He promised me he'll read it tomorrow, and I am holding it to him.:P
Anyways, I listen to MC #76. And that;s what I did today.
Tomorrow I have Math, SLS, and Sociology. Then I have to buy a new Lit book. Then I'm finally signing up for the gym. I found out it's going to be $37.50 a month, which isn't bad at all. So I'll do that. And then Matt will come over, etc.

Alright, maybe I can fall asleep. We'll see.

P.S. Can you read what it says in my icon? I just took the picture directly from the scan of the article.
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Date: 2007-02-10 23:12
Subject: (no subject)
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The Vagina Monologues were awesome. I really enjoyed it a lot. My favorite monologues were the "angry vagina" and the moaning one. In the angry vagina one, she talks about all the crap they make us do to make our vaginas "better". Not to mention to girl was cute. And the moaning one was great. She went through all the various kinds of moans; the clit moan, the vaginal moan, the combined, the African American moan, the Jewish moan, the Irish Catholic moan, and the one that was so perfectly me: the WASP moan (which was a moan all held in, like you're pushing). It was great lol.
And look what I got!Collapse )
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Date: 2007-02-10 01:17
Subject: (no subject)
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Music:new york dolls- dance like a monkey
I click "update" like I have something to say. Sheesh.

I'm going to see the Vagina Monologues tomorrow. Well, the FAU (Florida Atlantic University) version of the Vagina Monologues.

I had no idea I have a really freakin cute nextdoor neighbor. But I do! He's a year younger than me and goes to the High School of the Arts. So incredibly hot. And right next door! :D

I'm so tired. I'm going to go collapse. Well, I'm going to go eat left over Chinese food. And then I'm going to collapse.
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Date: 2007-02-09 14:26
Subject: (no subject)
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The Mimbulus Mimbletonia makes its debut!Collapse )
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Date: 2007-02-07 15:25
Subject: (no subject)
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Music:yeah yeah yeahs- sweets
Last night I worked until 10, didn't finish my homework until about 12:30 and didn't fall asleep until past 2:00. So of course I was ridiculously tired this morning. My math teacher actually asked me if I was okay cuz I think I was like, falling asleep during notes. I got my homework done in the library, though, so I don't have to worry about it tonight.

The game of Musical Cars I've been playing for almost a month now is finally over, thank goodness.

I hate that I can't pre-order DH, because I have no idea where I'll be for the release. I'll be in New York for OotP premier, and then the book release is just a week later. If I go to a release party in New York, I could maybe stay with a friend in New Jersey for that week. Yes, I am inviting myself to either Marty or Amy's (I can totally sleep on your floor if necessary, Amy). I want to go to a party wherever Kaci, etc are going. But I don't know anything so I can't make any plans yet, which sucks. If only I could just go to England...

I hate having to choose between sleeping and seeing Matt. Because even if he does come over, I end up falling asleep while he's here and I only see him for an hour or two.

I just started two paragraphs with "I hate" so now I need to start one with "I love."

I love peanut butter and jelly.
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Date: 2007-02-05 14:57
Subject: (no subject)
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Music:shh, this is a library!
Well, hello there. Guess what? I'm back.
I am, of today, completely "re-entering" fandom. I've been in school exactly a month yesterday, and things are going fairly smoothly. I'm trying not to stay up late anymore, though I definitely don't get as much sleep. I'm reliving the nightmare that is homework all over again. I am making straight A's as of this moment. I am...happy.

I chose today to come back for a very special reason. Today is the one year birthday of mr_yer_on_fire. One year ago today, I created this journal with the intention of taking my fanfiction reading to a new level. And look where I am now.
I've had more LiveJournals, GreatestJournals, Blurtys, and MySpaces then I care to count, but I don't believe I've ever kept one for entire year. I'v never even had a paid account (GJ gives you 1000 icons and 1000 images without paying). But this name means a lot to me; not as a name, but as what it represents: the friends, the fandom, the fun. I've never met better people. I've never been more engrosed in anything.
I'll stop babbling now.

My One-Year Stats:

Date created: 2006-02-05 01:34:05
Journal entries: 872
Comments: Posted: 4,547 - Received: 4,213


Well, expect close-to-daily updates, plenty of comments on fic and art, and other various insanity.

The bitch is back.
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Date: 2007-02-01 11:47
Subject: (no subject)
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